Fixing the American Democracy

I am not running for Congress to spew hatred, sow division or foment discord.


  • I am running to implement creative bipartisan solutions for what ails a city we love, to improve our quality of life, preserve the freedoms we hold dear, and to keep America a beacon of hope for a world that depends on us to be strong.

This is my truth.

  • Despite our challenges, the American democracy is the greatest form of government known to humankind. America is the greatest country on earth.


  • We have more genuine liberty, a better life and a higher standard of living than any nation on the planet, and an infinite capacity to resolve our differences peacefully.


  • Our diversity is a strength, and our capacity to peacefully resolve our differences has allowed each successive American generation to create a more perfect union.

It may never be perfect for all, but we should strive to make it so. I will.

Safer Streets. Safer Neighborhoods. An End to Senseless Violence

Last year, homicides in Atlanta reached a 30-year-high. This year they are up another 43%. Violent assaults against women have risen by 236%. In 2021, 25 children and teens were victims of gun violence.


I will work with any President or member of Congress, Republican or Democrat, willing to help us secure the funds needed to make our streets, neighborhoods, and playgrounds safe.


Skyrocketing crime rates ruin our quality of life, scare away tourists and do untold damage to our economic vitality, growth, and reputation.

  • Atlanta needs more police. It requires a member of Congress who will support our men and women in blue and secure the resources they need to do their job.


  • Resources are needed to hire undercover narcotics agents who will infiltrate the drug gangs and cartels that are in part responsible for skyrocketing crime rates.


  • Funding is needed for new streetlights, security cameras, and license plate readers to bring the perpetrators of violence to justice.

Voting Rights Must be Enhanced

No right is more sacred than the right to vote.


  • No one should be allowed to impede, diminish, or in any way obstruct the exercise of that right.


  • I support the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and condemn recent efforts by the Georgia legislature to suppress voting participation in metro Atlanta.


  • I support expanded mail-in voting, same-day registration, expanded use of drop boxes, and seven-day early voting days, beginning a month before the election.

Schools Must Work

The United States is failing to adequately prepare school-aged children for the challenges of a 21st-century world.


  • Among developed nations, the U.S. ranks 31st among 77 educational systems worldwide, according to a report released by the National Center for Education Statistics. American students are being outperformed by students in East Asia, Europe, and Canada.


  • In a 21st-century world about to enter a second technological revolution, we must do a better job educating our young in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Here at home, we face an even bigger problem.

Atlanta has some of the worst-performing school districts in Georgia.

  • Twenty percent never graduate high school.


  • Fewer than 40% are proficient in reading and math.


  • Fewer than half are high school graduates are college or career ready.

We can do better. No child deserves to be trapped in a failing school. No Member of Congress representing a district with these statistics should be silent about what is happening in our city.

I believe that ALL children deserve access to a school that works.

  • Our city must be given access to the proper resources, policies and procedures that will foster success for every student.


  • We should also encourage the addition of charter schools, non-profit schools, and Catholic and other private schools that can adequately teach our children to read, write, add and subtract.

Student Loan Cancelation.

  • Making Federal Student Aid better for consumers.


  • Limiting Predatory Student Lending.

  • Making Higher affordable education and increasing the grants to the students that can’t afford it.

An End to Illegal Drugs, Drug Gangs, Drug Cartels

Substance abuse and addiction affect all who live in Atlanta.


  • The scourge of illegal drugs -- heroin, meth, fentanyl -- fuels skyrocketing crime rates as drug gangs and drug cartels fight for turf and territories.


  • Often their workforce is comprised of ill-educated young ill-equipped to find a job or keep one.


  • Substance abuse and addiction destroy families, forcing the separation of children from parents and parents from kids.


  • The dead leave behind grief-stricken parents, spouses, children and loved ones.

Abuse of fentanyl has reached epidemic proportions in metro Atlanta.

  • The number of deaths has doubled in recent years. Counterfeit pills laden with fentanyl are flooding the illegal drug market.


  • The DEA reports that the pills are manufactured in Mexico with ingredients made in China, then smuggled onto American soil or purchased on the dark web.

It is a local, state, and federal problem.

  • We must secure our southern border to stem the flow of drugs into the United States, beef up our police force, infiltrate the drug gangs in our city and bring them to justice.


  • The total resources of the federal government are required to curtail the importation of illegal drugs from Mexico or sold on the dark web. 


  • Georgia and Atlanta must enhance access to mental health services for those suffering from drug addiction and substance abuse.

As your next Congresswoman, I’ll lead the effort to ensure our city has the resources to do it.


Greater Access to Quality, Affordable Health Care

Too few in Atlanta have access to affordable health care. No American should be denied it.


  • We need to increase the number of neighborhood clinics staffed by registered nurses, offer more preventive care, increase the number of mobile health care units, and expand mental health and substance abuse services.


  • I will lead the effort to encourage foundations and non-profits to supply doctors and medical professionals to underserved neighborhoods.


  • At the federal level, I will oppose any and all efforts to weaken Obamacare and do all in my power to provide every American access to quality, affordable healthcare.

Woman’s right

  • In a free society, as severe the decision may seem, abortion should be an option and a funding program that gives women "autonomy over their reproductive decisions”.

  • Abortion/ access to family planning, safe counseling pre and post procedures.


Prescription medication and life-saving treatment.

  • Access to affordable or generic prescriptions.

Open global prescription supply chains, to life-saving medications to reduce the costs of the prescription plans.


Modern Housing, Green Housing, Affordable Housing

There is a shortage of affordable housing in Atlanta.


  • I will support zoning changes that encourage the construction of affordable housing, programs that preserve existing housing stock, and additional help for tenants who have fallen behind on their rent.


  • Tenants in housing court should have access to an attorney.


  • Funding for essential repairs and green energy technology in public housing should be increased. Public lands and vacant lots in Atlanta should be used to build new green energy public housing.

Fixing Our Immigration System

Immigrants are the engine of Atlanta’s growth.

  • The City should do all in its power to help the newly arrived complete citizenship applications, provide essential housing and medical services and language training, and reduce language and cultural barriers.


  • At the federal level, bureaucratic hurdles, confusing paperwork, and regulatory stumbling blocks should be streamlined and simplified. Every effort should be made to bring the newly arrived into the economic mainstream so that they can grow and prosper in America.  

Throughout our history, immigration has helped fuel our economy and has made us a vibrant, more prosperous country and the envy of the entire world. But we, and we alone, should decide who comes in and who does not – according to the rule of law.

  • I stand with those who believe we must secure our borders and enforce our visa and immigration laws.


  • I stand with those who believe our sovereign nation has the right and an obligation to enforce our laws and to create an immigration policy that works for everyone.

Once we have done these things, we can identify who should be allowed to come in as a guest worker and who should be eligible for a path toward citizenship.